We've seen quite a few food-themed beds, blankets, and cushions turn our pets into adorable mini "meals", including shiba inu and cats who absolutely love their instant noodle beds.

Japanese Twitter user Denko-san's (@hakusama0906) beloved cat Haku-sama may be a bit too attached to their food-shaped blanket, however. Haku-sama's pet bed is covered by her trusted fried egg blanket--but, as Haku-sama's name suggests (Haku means "white" in Japanese), the adorable kitty tends to blend in when cuddling under it.

That leads to exchanges like this, where perhaps when Denko-san can't locate their cat, and is greeted by a lone feline paw emerging out from under the egg!

Source: @hakusama0906

Source: @hakusama0906

The scene has a bit of a Terminator 2 dramatic thumbs up quality to it, but it's almost as if Haku-sama is reaching up and showing off her pink toes to say "hey, over here!"

Denko-san will probably have a good idea of where to check the next time they can't find Haku-sama around the house.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.