For Pokemon fans who wish to be surrounded at all times by their favourite creatures, there’s plenty of merchandise on offer to fill up your home with. There’s Gengar PC cushions make home working a bit more ergonomic, or Eevee piggy banks.

If you’re a fan of Ghost type Pokemon, the Gengar Sofa may appeal to you. This striking and bright purple item is sure to be the focal point of any room it graces. It was made in collaboration with furniture company Cellutane, and it continues their Pokemon series, which included releases such as the Snorlax Sofa and Ditto Sofa.

The backrest portion is made in the image of Gengar’s head, with his ears, spikes, red eyes, and his instantly recognisable, enigmatic grin. The armrests extend out so the sitter can feel as though they are in Gengar’s warm embrace during the chilly winter months.

The chair is detailed all around with Gengar’s spikes on the back.

It’s filled with micro beads so the super comfy chair moulds to the person sitting in it, meaning they can relax in the seat for hours without getting uncomfortable.

The Gengar Sofa can be found on Rakuten or Cellutane’s online shop, costing 25,990 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.