Chuhai (short for "shochu highball", although the term refers to carbonated cocktails with any sort of alcoholic base) are a go-to drink for many in Japan, but they are typically enjoyed either as canned cocktails or prepared by staff at a restaurant. Newly opened Nagoya izakaya (Japanese style pub) Taishu Shusen Terumae has changed that, however, as they offer chuhai "on tap" from some interesting servers.

The new concept style izakaya allows patrons to self-serve tap drinks (including chuhai) from twist-faucets as pictured.

The interior design somewhat resembles Japanese community baths (sento). There are both standing bar and table seats to accommodate single and group drinking and dining.

The self-serve on-tap chuhai lends itself to the izakaya's very affordable one hour of all-you-can-drink for 398 yen, as well as reasonably priced bar food such as yakitori chicken skewers for 70 yen.

At Taishu Shusen Terumae (2-36-8 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Chitaya Meieki Building 6F) , customers can also enjoy one hour of all-you-can-drink for the remainder of November as part of its grand opening.

By - Mugi.