The fall highlight of McDonald's many seasonally exclusive burgers in Japan is their highly popular eggy Tsukimi moon viewing burger, when winter approaches, the main star is the Gurakoro Burger.

The Gurakoro Burger, short for "Gratin Croquette Burger", serves up a crispy spiced croquette stuffed with piping hot creamy white sauce, shrimp and macaroni, and then tops it with a special spiced croquette sauce and shredded cabbage between two fluffy buns made with rich butter. The croquette burger is looked as as a warming winter favorite in Japan, so it's no surprise it's seen some upgraded variations throughout the years since its debut in 1993.

For winter 2021, McDonald's won't just be offering its standard Gurakoro burger, but a new "Koku Umami Angus Beef Bolognese Gurakoro" (Rich Umami Angus Beef Bolognese Gurakoro) that tops the winter croquette burger with a rich Angus beef Bolognese sauce.

The new Gurakoro burger is topped with a special Bolognese sauce made by slowly simmering juicy and tasty coarse ground Angus beef with ripe tomatoes and red wine. McDonald's says the new rich and meaty twist to the crispy on the outside tender on the inside Gurakoro Burger should warm taste buds even more this winter.

The Gurakoro and Rich Umami Angus Beef Bolognese Gurakoro will be available at McDonald's locations throughout Japan beginning December 1st for a limited time, and be served at both breakfast and throughout the day.

By - Big Neko.