Japanese Twitter user Nekoland's (@NEKOLAND13) beloved cat Emma has a reputation for getting into sticky situations (what cat doesn't?). Whether it be getting caught red-pawed trying to get at the family fish or turning a mosquito repellant contained into pig-themed samurai armor, the fluffy feline definitely knows how liven up the daily life of her family.

Some of Emma's recent shenanigans recently gave Nekoland quite the scare, however, or at least made him a bit suspicious of his wife. Nekoland recently shared a photo of Emma along with the caption "I can't help but feel uneasy hearing my wife say 'let's have nabe (Japanese hot pot) for dinner tonight.'"

The picture explains that unease pretty well!

Source: @NEKOLAND13

While Nekoland's wife obviously wasn't preparing Emma for dinner and the curious cat simply decided to jump inside the pot, her dead stare seems to be saying "run while you still can!"

Nekoland and his wife had a good laugh about it when he explained the situation, and fortunately Emma found some place else to cuddle up in.

To see some less worrying antics from Emma, you can follow her on YouTube.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.