Opening the lid on a cup of instant noodles when you're ready to eat them is a great moment, isn't it? That steam rising as you bring your face close, you dip in your chopsticks, and dig in.

However, as you eat, the noodles and soup start to get cold.

It goes without saying that instant noodle lovers want to eat their noodles hot until the last drop.

Thankfully, now there's a stainless steel mug that keeps your noodles hot from start to finish!

A must-have for instant noodle lovers!

CB Japan Ltd., a manufacturer of daily necessities and miscellaneous goods, has launched a stainless steel mug specially designed for keeping instant noodles hot, called NOODLE GOMUG.

You can put the whole cup of noodles in the mug and keep it warm well until the end. This is a must-have product for instant noodle lovers.

The whole cup goes straight in!

After pouring boiling water over instant noodles, simply place the entire container into NOODLE GOMUG and cover it with the lid.

As you can see in the chart above, NOODLE GOMUG keeps the temperature hot longer. At the 30 minute mark, there's a difference of up to 15 degrees Celsius (27 degrees Fahrenheit) compared to when not using NOODLE GOMUG.

The special lid made of silicone rubber not only holds the paper lid firmly closed while the noodles cook or when you need to take a break but it can also be used as a holder for the paper lid or as a chopstick rest.

Designed to make it easy to drink soup

The NOODLE GOMUG was invented by the company's ramen lovers, and its attention to detail really shows.

For example, the height of the mug is set a little lower than that of a standard cup of instant noodles to make it easier to drink the soup without the mouth hitting the mug.

We're impressed that they even took the soup into consideration when designing this product!

The bottom of the mug is rubberized to prevent it from slipping on the table.

Stylish looks

The mug measures 92mm (3.6") in diameter x 101mm (4") in height, weighs about 190g (6.7 oz), and comes in two colors, blue and beige, with a simple design.

With NOODLE GOMUG, you can enjoy your instant noodles hot to the last drop.

NOODLE GOMUG costs 1,980 JPY and is available at

By - grape Japan editorial staff.