Farmers can often be surprised by the produce they grow, even when they know what they're putting in the ground. In the past we've seen some surprising results such as "ugly duckling" tomatoes and incredibly dramatic action hero carrots.

In Japan, a somewhat viral phenomenon in that regard is the "sexy daikon"--daikon radishes that have grown in a way that make it appear they are "crossing their legs" in a sexy or suggestive way. It's even been turned into a plushie.

It now appears that Kitada Farms (@harvest_plus), located in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture may have found a suave relative of the sexy daikon. The farm recently shared a photo of a daikon radish they grew that has many on Twitter swooning and calling it the "ikemen daikon", or "handsome man daikon" or "stud muffin daikon".

Take a look at this daikon that can get anybody he wants to come home with him.

Source: @harvest_plus

Kitada Farms shared the photo of the dashing daikon with the caption "Wanna go for a ride?" and was met with many amused comments from potential suitors such as "I want it to hit on me", "I want to date it", and "Of course I want to go for a ride."

We're not quite sure how a relationship with the daikon would go, but it just goes to show you that a radish might not grow exactly the way you'd expect it to.

By - Big Neko.