One of the standout attractions of IKEA stores in Japan has been its cafeteria, where eaters can hunt down sakura hot dogs and plant-based katsu curry. A new generous service they are providing may have just stolen the spotlight from their food menu, however, as it offers the chance to rent a fully furnished apartment for 99 yen--less than a dollar--a month.

The offer is part of IKEA's new Tiny Homes campaign, a project meant to promote the idea of maximizing comfort and offering solutions for living situations even in limited spaces (using their furniture and coordination, of course). Because of that, the 99 yen ($0.86 USD at the time of writing) is quite cozy, clocking in at 10 square meters (107 square feet) width, although it does come with a loft. The white-based room is furnished with extendable tables, sofa beds, and storage items such as shelf carts.

Here's a layout of the room, which may seem more like a storage space to some. You can also view the whole room itself here in a virtual tour.

If you're wondering about the shark, that's Blåhaj, a soft plushie toy mascot for the home furnishing company that has become wildly popular in Japan inspiring comic strips and merchandise. Blåhaj is quite literally a real estate shark, as he's the mascot face of the campaign.

Here's a video of Blåhaj refurnishing a tiny room similar to the one IKEA is offering, turning it into a happy living space.

The apartment room itself is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. As you can imagine, the apartment is only available to one person and the application for it must be made between November 24th and December 3rd 2021. The space itself is available until January 15, 2023, so it's not meant to be a long term base of operations but perhaps a trial run to live in such a space.

In order to apply, you must be a registered IKEA Family Member. Hopeful tenants can apply via IKEA's Tiny Homes website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.