New Japanese Green tea & Matcha specialty shop Chamari Akabane will be opening in the Akabane area of Tokyo, offering delicious single-origin matcha, as well as high quality green tea cocktails and snacks.

At Chamari Akabane, a highly decorated Japanese tea instructor offers special Japanese tea made in two specific temperature ranges as well as matcha chuhai cocktails using freshly prepared matcha with a very rich aroma, and all that Japan’s most exceptional matcha and green tea have to offer.

The food menu was created in collaboration with a chef who trained at an Akasaka 5-star hotel restaurant for over 11 years. They came up with a food menu designed to pair perfectly with the tea and matcha cocktail that Mr. Satou, their tea instructor, makes, at reasonable prices.

The tea is prepared only once each order is in.

Here’s a look at some of their menu items:

Rich in aroma high-quality Matcha Chuhai

Cha ba (tea leaves)seasoned French fries

Sakura flavored green tea panna cotta

White shrimp and tea leaves

Chamari Akanane- Ocha to Sake-

Address: 2-51-2 Shimo Kita city, Tokyo 115-0042 Japan

Hours: 16:30 to 21:30 (L.O. 21:00)

Closed: Friday, Saturday and Sunday


By - Mugi.