In October and November, many in Japan celebrate koyo, the turning of leaves to brilliant red, orange, and yellow fall colors. Mountains in particular are a fantastic place to take in all the wonderful foliage.

Atsushi Kaneko (@akkun_photo_) recently visited Minamiinaga Lake in Yamanashi prefecture to take photos of the beautiful fall scenery.

As he was preparing to take a photo of the reflection of the fall leaves on the water surface, something magical happened…

Source: @akkun_photo_

He shared the amazing photo with the caption “I’d like you to see the miraculous moment of a swan about to fly away.”

The photo captured the precise moment of a swan about to take off and fly away, with a gorgeous lake and fall leaves rich scenery as its background.

Kaneko said it is almost impossible to aim to capture such a momentum, even if you wanted to.

This photo left many people in awe with comments such as “I’ve never seen a beautiful photo like this before… “, and “Of all the photos I’ve seen in my life, this is the most beautiful picture.”

The photo definitely shows off the beauty of Japan’s mountain fall scenery, and the wonderful nature living within it.

By - Mugi.