A unique bathroom sink faucet at Japanese Oden restaurant “Asakusa Oden Otafuku” in Daitou-ku, Tokyo has become a popular topic online due to its creativity. Oden is a classic Japanese comfort hot pot dish that features a variety of simmered ingredients.

Here’s a look at the fitting faucet that has people talking:

The handle and the faucet are shaped in skewered oden ingredients (from the top: konjac, boiled egg and fishcake). Reportedly, you can get the water running by twisting the konjac on the top.

It looks so realistic that it makes you think “Wait, is this real oden?” for a second, doesn’t it? Many on Twitter found the creative design charming, commenting that they would expect dashi broth to pour from the faucet and that they wanted to turn it just by looking at it.

This is such a fun idea to have a unique bathroom representing the store’s specialty!

By - Mugi.