In this a first ever NFT novel project, Japanese science fiction author Miyuki Ono’s popular novel “Pure” ( published by Hayakawa Publishing in 2020) is being reedited as an NFT Original novel to release on the OpenSea NFT market place.

“Pure” has gained viral popularity ever since its debut on Hayakawa Publishing Note with a controversial but engaging storyline that follows a woman who must consume men in order to become pregnant. It has received over 200,000 public views, and was selected one of the “Best SF in 2020” novels on Apple BOOK.

Additionally, two English versions of the NFT novel, translated by two different translators, are being released on OpenSea simultaneously.

This publishing system allows the profit to go to not only the novelist, Miyuki Ono, but also to the translators Kalau Armon and Laurel Taylor for both primary and secondary market sales, continuously.

While Japanese novels and literacy have taken off to be a worldwide trend in recent years, the reality is that there is not enough translation work available or done to be published overseas. Although there are over 13,000 literary works published every year in Japan, only a fraction that get translated into English. A main reason for this is the current Japanese literary publishing system is structured in a way that is not profitable for translators.

Miyuki Ono has left a statement for this NFT project specifically addressing the situation in the current Japanese literacy translation, with hopes that the project can provide more profitable opportunities for translators.

“I have decided to release Pure and its English translations as NFTs for the following reason. By releasing this story and its translations as NFTs, I hope to suggest a new possibility for literary translation and encourage more translations from Japanese.”

Here is the full text of the statement in English.

This project may be a step towards further growth in Japanese novels and literature, encouraging talented translators to work more on Japanese literature by compensating them through the NFT system as their work is worth, and not just solely relying on publishers.

By - Mugi.