The hair removal salon, Kireimo, has announced a collaboration project with the popular anime series Tokyo Revengers this autumn.

The project’s name: Hair Removal Revengers~ Don’t allow the appearance of Kesaki (脱毛リベンジャーズ~ 毛咲 の出現を許すな!~ datsumō ribenjāzu ~ kesaki no shutsugen o yurusu na!), is a game of words that uses the name of the antagonist of the series: Tetta Kisaki 稀咲鉄太 (more exactly, the character 咲 saki from Kisaki which means to bloom), and the character for hair 毛 ke from the Japanese word for 毛先 kesaki, which means hair tip.

The campaign started on November 18th, and during the campaign, fans will have the unique opportunity to get original goods with the characters.

Furthermore, there is also a retweet campaign involving Kireimo's official Twitter account where fans have a chance to win luxurious products with Tokyo Revengers.


All you need is to follow the Official Page and retweet the campaign-related post.

The Hair Removal Revengers collab project includes a free counseling reservation, a hair removal plan, also the possibility to purchase goods from the Kireimo Stores.

For more information, you can check the Kireimo x Tokyo Revengers Collab Project Official Page.

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