Everyone! Share your spirit energy with me! I'm counting on you!

Proud cat owner and Twitter user (@Chimaki_0927) posted a photo of their cat along with this line which fans of the famous manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z will surely recognize from the one hundred fifty-fifth episode in Japan and the one hundred sixty-second episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai) in which Goku (via Vegeta) tries to get the people of Earth to help him create a Spirit Bomb to defeat Buu.

The photo received nearly 200,000 "likes" on Twitter.

An epic pose

The cat in the photo is Chimaki. She's a female cat with beautiful bushy fur.

The reason the photo had such a good reaction on Twitter was because of her epic pose!

Please take a look at Chimaki-chan channeling her inner Goku making a Spirit Bomb!

"Everyone! Share your spirit energy with me! I'm counting on you!"

Image used with permission from the account at (@Chimaki_0927)

Truth be told, the reason why Chimaki-chan is stretching out her arms is not to make a Spirit Bomb... but probably because she is trying to touch the lights on the ceiling.

But with Chimaki-chan's epic pose, and the lights that look like a Spirit Bomb, it's a powerful picture!

The photo elicited the following comments on Twitter:

  • "I'm sending you energy too!"
  • "How cute. I want to put my face on her fluffy belly."
  • "Can't we send her a snack instead?"

Although Chimaki-chan is not actually making a Spirit Bomb, it seems that many people were cheered up by her appearance!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.