Shinjuku's beer entertainment building is finally complete now with its own brewery as of November 22nd. To celebrate the milestone, they are also coming up with a special food menu using dark pilsner beer “Black craft beer meat nabe (hotpot)”.

The restaurant is offering a 5,000 yen all you can drink option for 90 minutes. (This is a limited menu served only in the rooftop BBQ section)

Craft Beer Factory “Shinjuku Ale” opened in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic chaos in March 2021 with a main company concept “Ale from Shinjuku, Ale (to cheer in Japanese) to Shinjuku”. The main floor has standing bars for a more casual vibe, whereas second floor has calmer atmosphere with counter bar for more intimate experience. The brewery is located on the third floor of the building, and then a reserved BBQ patio on the rooftop. The outer decoration of the building has colorful, vivid neon lights, and a futuristic yet modern-retro and foreign vibe interior design welcomes you once you go inside.

By - Mugi.