Okinawan brewery Orion Breweries, Ltd is releasing a new canned cocktail Chuhai drink “Chura WATTA Botanical Pineapple” in collaboration with world renown pâtissier, Pierre Herme and his brand based on introducing high quality products from Japan, “Made in Pierre Herme.”

This new Okinawan chuhai drink was designed with the concept of encouraging women who are striving to live confidently as who they are, but can be enjoyed as a new cocktail with a sophisticated look and rich tropical flavour, balanced between mildly sour pineapple and refreshing lemongrass.

The new WATTA flavor has a golden pour inspired by resort atmospheres, and looks to be a good cocktail to accompany unwinding at home.

The label has cute pineapple and floral patterns appropriate to portray beautiful Okinawa scenery with a white background color for sophisticated yet simple looks.

The new Chura WATTA Botanical Pineapple (alc 5%) will go on sale starting December 7th, 2021 (in Okinawa) and January 18th, 2022 across other regions in Japan.

By - Mugi.