There’s many different types of hamsters in the world, including different breeds and colours. For one Japanese hamster enthusiast, all are welcome, as this person actually owns 35 hamsters of various types.

But one hamster in particular drew a lot of attention on the owner’s Instagram page, with many users scrambling to place just where they’d seen that classic hair style before. Check out the video for yourself and see what you think!

This hamster is called Matsue-san, and she is a long-haired species, meaning she always has some extra fluff to spare. But during the winter, these types of hamsters get an extra thick coat to keep them warm during the chilly months.

The comments on the Instagram post included some hilarious comparisons such as the ‘Super Saiyan’ transformation from Dragon Ball, and famed physicist Albert Einstein. One simply stated that this must be what the King of the Hamsters looks like.

If you want to see more adorable content featuring Matsue-san and all her other hamster housemates, check out @hamuken30 on Instagram, where there’s plenty of photo and video updates!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.