Latvian Twitter user Artur (ArturGalata), loves Japan, and often makes Japan related posts on Twitter.

Ever since the start of the ongoing pandemic, even now in November 2021, it has been difficult for him to make a visit to Japan due to all the restrictions.

One recent day when Artur was out shopping, he saw something adorably unusual.

Source: @ArturGalata

Source: @ArturGalata

Source: @ArturGalata

Source: @ArturGalata

“Is this something you see often when you are out shopping for socks; a cat in a sock basket?”

There you see warm looking socks… no wait, it’s a cat!

Camouflaged in the bunch of socks in the basket, there’s a cat sleeping ever so peacefully.

The photos of the care-free and comfy cat have been a hit with people online, warming hearts to 60,000 likes and many comments on the post.

“This is like a service to warm up your socks.”

“I’ll take the fluffy tabby patterned ones, please!”

“Hands down, he did not miss a comfy spot to sleep on.”

“I bet it’s even warmer to hug the cat than wearing socks.”

Many Japanese Twitter users said they’ve encountered the same sight at store displays where they live as well,; “I’ve seen cats at shops and restaurants in my neighborhood giving customer service as they please!”

Perhaps, having a cat sleeping on the sale items might not seem like great business for the shop, but on the other hand, maybe it’s quite an effective strategy .

By - Mugi.