Although change has been slow, there is a growing awareness of and respect for various forms of diversity within Japanese society. With regards to sexual diversity, the terms LGBTQ+ and SOGI have been appearing more frequently in Japanese media as well as within corporate Japan.

Twitter user いと Ito (@yawayorozu992) is a young gay man living in Japan. He shared an anecdote about his apartment-hunting experience with his followers.

"I decided to move in with my boyfriend. I didn't feel comfortable being honest with the real estate agent, so I told them we were just friends sharing a room. But it looks like it's not easy for friends to share a room together. As soon as I told the real estate agent that we were a same-sex couple, I was surprised that the application was approved immediately.
I was so happy to see how tolerant the world had become."

It must have taken a lot of courage for Ito and his boyfriend to reveal their sexual orientation to the real estate agent. They might have been afraid that they might be met with disapproving looks or a cold attitude.

Fortunately for them, there are more landlords with accepting attitudes towards same-sex couples in Japan than they had imagined.

Ito's Tweet received over 90,200 likes and elicited many comments, such as:

  • "I'm really happy for you! What a kind world."
  • "Amazing! I'm so happy to know that."
  • "Such a heartwarming story, I wish you many years of happiness together."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.