Farmers can sometimes be treated to some truly funny surprises when their produce doesn't exactly go according to script. With sexy daikon radishes and epic action hero carrots, vegetables find a way to keep farmers on their toes. Japanese tomato farmer (of Soga Farms) knows that very well, having grown viral "ugly duckling" tomatoes in the past.

Soga Farms recently shared another surprise their highly regarded tomatoes (which took top prize at the Vegetable Sommelier Summit) that has Twitter delighted. When they went to check a new batch, they were greeted by a type of tomato that was in far better shape than the rest!

Source: @pasmal0220

"A bodybuilder grew out of my tomato so please take a look."

Soga Farm's tomato had a natural deformity that looks just like a miniature but buff green bodybuilder has sprouted out of it, right down to a classic flexing pose. Many on Twitter were delighted by the ripped tomato, which is an addition to what seems to be a growing collection of amusingly shaped tomatoes from Soga Farm.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.