Nissin has definitely been no stranger to making some very creative ad campaigns for its popular Cup Noodle. Just as part of their celebration of the 50th anniversary of their top instant ramen seller, Nissin has created a Cup Noodle lineup that fuses unusual flavors, Cup Noodle-flavored soda, and even clever humidifiers that look like a steaming cup of ramen.

They recently took the same creative approach to celebrating "nice bath day" in Japan (November 26th, because 1126 can be read as "ii furo", or "nice bath"). Nissin released an image that has many fans on Twitter actually warming up to the idea of taking a Cup Noodle bath!

The image shows a man relaxing in a soothing bath filled with chunks of Cup Noodle ingredients such as shrimp, eggs, and the now not-so-mystery mea. Tying everything together is a packet of what appears to be the classic Cup Noodle soy-sauce flavor as a bath salt packet.

Unfortunately, these ingredient toys and Cup Noodle bath salts are not a commercialized product, although many have replied to the post asking and hoping for it to be realized and sold. While there's been no confirmation from Nissin, they have teased future products and releases on Twitter before, and in a world with KFC-scented bath salts, you can never say "never"...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.