YOYOGI MORI is a sophisticated Japanese avatar clothing brand powered by a team of designers, each with a unique aesthetic, pushing the boundaries of expression in the metaverse.

The VRC-compatible model 霞花 (Kasuka), the first in their eighth avatar fashion brand YUE, was released on December 2nd, 2021. The brand's eponymous designer is also having their first solo VRC exhibition, entitled 「月冴ゆる」tsuki sayuru (clear moon).

About YUE

YUE is an original VR clothing brand aiming to convey YUE's artistic approach in avatar form, expressing delicate emotions through flowers, birds, and fish.

霞花 (Kasuka)

Kasuka is a model of an adult woman wearing a kimono with patterns hand-painted by YUE. The artist paid close attention to the aesthetics of the character art while also focusing on her sense of presence and her human charms. Main modeler YY_3dcg helped to realize the artist's vision, resulting in a high-quality model.


  • VRChat compatible 3D model (*VRM format will be supported later)
  • Release date: December 2nd, 2021
  • Price: 55,000 JPY (tax included)
  • For all specifications, including details on the various types of obi sashes and accessories contained in the package, see the model's page here.

Initial bonus: From December 2nd to December 23rd, 2021, the package will also include setting images, newly drawn art by YUE, and a white version of the decorative menpō 面皰 face guard.

Designer: YUE (@memento1113)

Illustrator living in Sapporo, known for illustrations for games, CD jackets, books, apparel illustration collaborations, product package illustrations, etc., both in Japan and overseas. Also participates in exhibitions and doujin sales all over Japan. Bird lover.

Modeler: YY_3dcg (@YY_3dcg)

3DCG designer living in Tokyo. Specializes in character creation, with a focus on realistic digital humans. Currently working as a freelancer.

VRChat Exhibition 「月冴ゆる」tsuki sayuru (clear moon)

This is the first VR solo exhibition by YUE, displaying YUE's new and old works in an elegant, newly-established VRC venue called YOYOGI MORI exhibition world, which is linked to the YUE Shop where you can also purchase the exhibited products.

  • Period: December 2nd to December 23rd, 2021
  • Venue: VRChat world "YOYOGI MORI Avatar World" Exhibition Hall 2
  • Launch VRChat from the following link and go to the entrance. Enter the exhibition hall from the Exhibition Hall 2 portal.


YOYOGI MORI is a collective of designers and modelers who have been creating 3D avatar clothing under the designation "virtual wear" since May 2020. Currently, they have 8 clothing brands with different styles: "imiut," "KRONOS," "Forget-me-not," "ALDMIX," "FUYUMIDORI," "Undone Kittens," "JUMPY," and now "YUE."

Each brand is made up of a combination of individual designers and modelers, with one primary avatar representing the brand. In addition to avatar production, YOYOGI MORI's team of designers is also involved in a variety of fields such as video production and games, including motion design and promotional video production.

All avatars have a common standard developed by YOYOGI MORI for their body and clothing so that avatars from one brand can wear clothes and accessories from other YOYOGI MORI brands.

By - Ben K.