"We're not playing around..."

Such was the comment accompanying a photo of "smiling" daikon radishes posted on Twitter by Tamako (@syunagri_m), who runs the account of Shun-Aguri Co. a company producing and selling agricultural products and byproducts in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

As it turns out, the packaging represented a very serious "corporate effort" to sell as many vegetables as possible.

Here's the full photo:

Reproduced with permission from Tamako (@syunagri_m)

"We're not playing around...
We'd like to sell as many as we can (tears)

#corporate effort"

Each of the plastic bags wrapped around the daikon radish has a face printed on it, making for a very cute sight!

When you see such cute daikon radishes lined up in a row, you can't help but want to pick one up.

According to Tamako, they do this because there are many unsold items every day.

The tearful efforts of the company behind these smiling daikon radish faces have attracted a lot of attention, with over 165,000 likes at the time of writing.

It also elicited many comments in support of this kind of "corporate effort":

  • "I hope they sell all of them, because it takes a lot of time and effort!"
  • "What cute radishes! It makes me smile to see them."
  • "How heartwarming. I have seen daikon radishes with the same smile."

In addition to creative packaging, many farmers in Japan make various efforts to sell their produce, such as providing descriptions of their taste and even recipes.

So the next time you see some evidence of "corporate effort" when you go shopping for fruits and vegetables, don't forget to smile back in respect to the farmers who support our lives!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.