At Japanese branches of Starbucks Coffee, German Stollen fruitcakes are a popular product each year during the winter season.

In fact, they're such a popular product that they become harder and harder to find as Christmas approaches. A writer at our sister site Grape was intent on snagging a Stollen this year, so she bought one while it was still available!

Here's a detailed report of what she found inside the cute festive pouch they're packaged in:

German Stollen in a Christmassy pouch

This year's stollen came in a cute pouch with the same Christmassy red and green color scheme currently decorating Starbucks' paper cups.

Here's what the pouch looks like on the other side:

The dots and glitter print are cute.

It's the perfect size for a makeup pouch, so it will surely come in handy for many things.

The stollen coated in powdered sugar is about the size of a smartphone.

When you hold the stollen, you can tell it has a good weight, which gives you a hint that it's densely packed with sweet goodness.

When the writer sliced it, she found colorful ingredients such as cranberries, pistachios, raisins, almonds, walnuts, and orange peel.

This colorful stollen is perfect for the Christmas season.

The sweet flavor was complemented by the sourness of the fruit and the texture of the nuts, which would go well with both coffee and wine.

This limited-edition stollen is only available during this season and it always seems to be sold out, so be sure to get one when you see it in stores or online.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.