Many of us like to savor our instant noodles right down to the last drop of soup and seasoning, but those who are counting their calories or simply can't finish the meal often end up with leftover soup. While it's normally fine to just pour down a sink, this can lead to drain clogging, poor workplace manners, and (especially in Japan), disposal not regarded as eco-friendly, especially when outdoors.

In response to such concerns Nissin Cup Noodle released a special powder that hardens leftover soup into a solid earlier this year. The powder was only available as a limited edition gift, however.

Japanese cooking and kitchen supply makers Kokubo has come to rescue with a wide release of their own hardening solution available in packets that make for super quick and environmentally friendly disposal of your leftover instant noodles!

Like its Cup Noodle relative, Kokubo Press developed the powder to make throwing away leftover instant noodle soup less inconvenient and more in line with SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) based thinking. After simply adding one packet and stirring for a moment, the leftover soup will harden into a jelly-like substance before solidifying more, making it quick and safe to throw away whether at home, in the workplace, or outdoors where there aren't any trash cans around.

Pour the packet in

Stir for ten seconds

Watch the leftover soup harden

Quick and easy disposal!

The package also comes with English instructions.

Packets can be purchased in Japan from Kiyou Jochugiku, although those overseas can find it on Amazon.

By - Big Neko.