At enkai, large Japanese drinking parties usually held among coworkers, it's not uncommon to order an especially large platter as part of a course meal plan. At restaurants specializing in seafood, sashimi boat platters (sashimi funamori) are a star attraction in that regard. In a group, a large serving of high quality fish normally out of one's price range can be had and shared as a luxurious drinking snack.

Japanese Twitter user @climaxxxxxxxx recently encountered a massive Yellowtail of a tale when his table ordered a boat platter at a restaurant, however. The Yellowtail was served as a platter made to be enjoyed as sashimi, as well as for shabu shabu, a popular hot pot dish in Japan.

The generous almost sea monster portion serving of delicious Yellowtail has many on Twitter astounded by the size, generous service, and dying to make a visit themselves!

Source: @climaxxxxxxxx

@climaxxxxxxxx was surprised and delighted by the huge sashimi platter at a Japanese cuisine diner that specializes in seafood called Take no Ya in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture. When Take no Ya found the Tweet, they expressed their gratitude for his group's patronage, and explained that they tailored the platter as a surprise to the group's tastes, something they do for customers who let them know in advance.

The photos were meant with comments such as "fish heaven", as well as those marveling at the service and wondering how many people they would need to gather to polish off the fish.

@climaxxxxxxxx made many even more envious when he said the giant serving clocked in at a pretty standard enkai despite the portions. With a group, that makes this one delicious steal.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.