Funabashiya is a Kanto-style kuzumochi manufacturing company that was founded in the Edo period in 1805 and celebrated its 216th anniversary in 2021. The store specialises in the manufacture of kuzumochi, a classic Japanese wagashi which has been loved by families for generations.

Funabashiya has a unique take on kuzumochi, which they make by fermenting wheat starch with lactic acid for 450 days before steaming it. This long process of fermentation leads to a texture and elasticity distinctive of the Funabashiya store, but be warned, although the production takes more than 1 year to complete, the sweets have a very short consumption life, and expire after 2 days of being made – so of course, it’s best to eat them fresh.
Funabashiya’s kuzumochi is made using natural ingredients and is completely additive-free, making it an environmentally and body-friendly wagashi treat to enjoy with the whole family.

In March of this year, Funabashiya opened BE: SIDE in Omotesando, which focuses on the theme of lactic acid bacteria and its health benefits.
This new format store handles both edible and beauty products made using kuzumochi and lactic acid bacteria. Split between a cafe that offers kuzumochi and related sweets, and a beauty treatment spa where you can experience the full power of kuzumochi lactic acid bacteria, the BE: SIDE store offers new ways to enjoy Funabashiya’s traditional and all-natural products.

In preparation for the colder days to come, BE: SIDE has introduced a new winter-limited menu item that incorporates the comfort of sweet potatoes alongside refreshing kuzumochi and the warmth of brulee.

Carefully put together by a sweets craftsman at Funabashiya, this season-limited dessert layers azuki beans, roasted sweet potatoes and kuzumochi pudding. This combination is then sealed in with a topping of crispy burnt brulee.

This pudding has a bit of everything, with the contrasting temperatures of hot brulee and cold ice cream, changes to texture through the use of granola, almonds and sweet potato chips, as well as differentiating palettes of sweet, sour and saltiness. If you have a complex set of taste buds, then you’ll be sure to appreciate the variety in each and every bite.

Roasted sweet potato pudding with dried sweet potato chips and berries
Price: 1,350 yen (tax included)
Store: BE: SIDE Omotesando
Available from 25th November 2021 throughout winter season
Contents: Azuki beans, roasted sweet potato, wood strawberry, blueberry, kuzumochi pudding, vanilla ice cream, granola, coated almonds, sweet potato chips
*Available as drink set only

Funabashiya BE: SIDE Omotesando
Location: 3 Chome-14-6 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001
Hours: 11:00am – 18:00pm

By - Connie Sceaphierde.