It's hard to name a number one classic when it comes to wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets. One contended for that crown may be the monaka, which sandwiches azuki red bean paste in between two crisp wafers and is a popular treat to pair with green tea. An Olympic reporter visiting Tokyo even recently crowned an ice cream version of the treat as Japan's best convenience store ice cream.

While many wagashi are known not just for their taste, but charming aesthetic, monaka have a bit of a plain appearance. A collaboration between Aoki Koetsudo, a long-established confectionary store in Kyoto that has been in business for 129 years, and Japanese company Niji has definitely changed that, however. The two have teamed up to deliver a new adorable hamster monaka!

The hamster monaka is available as a DIY make it yourself snack, so you can spread your favorite filling in between the wafers and place a candy in its hands (err, paws!). The hamster tweets are available in packs of 6 from Aoki Koetsudou's online store.

It can also be a topping for soup, tea, or coffee.

By - Big Neko.