Kids grow up so fast.

You may not be able to tell how fast they grow when you spend time with them every day, but when you see them after a long time, you may be surprised to see how big they've gotten already!

Little Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies are the same. They grow up before you know it!

If you love Corgis (or maybe recently became a fan after seeing Ein on Netflix's live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop), we have the perfect eye candy for you!

This Japanese couple has been raising their Corgi, Tsumugi, since she was a puppy.

By filming her eating from the same angle every day for 300 days, they were able to create an amazing video.

Take a look at how fast Tsumugi-chan is growing!

She's getting bigger and bigger...!

In the beginning, she fit in the center of the screen, but after 300 days, she had grown to the point that her rear end was off-screen.

In addition, you can see that the amount of food that she ate was increasing as her body got bigger and bigger.

As all Corgi lovers know, it's cute to see how short her legs are in relation to her body, even as she grows.

Vaccinations are also necessary for a dog's health. Tsumugi went to the vet to get vaccinated.

She was still a puppy, so she didn't know what the vet was like or what they would do to her.

However, when she got on the examination table, she was so afraid that she couldn't even stand...

Flapping her short legs, she desperately protested!

Still, she managed to go through with the examination and the injection. You'll get over it, Tsumugi...

As she grew older, Tsumugi also participated in "Corgi events."

At the Corgi Festival in 2020, where more than 200 Corgis had gathered, a major incident occurred when her owner lost sight of her in the crowd!

Her owners managed to reunite with Tsumugi-chan. She looked so happy. Maybe she didn't even realize she was lost!

When they participated in 2021, they made sure to have Tsumugi-chan wear something unique so that her owners could easily find her if they got separated!

Corgis are everywhere at the Corgi Festival!

Just looking at this video with all the cute Corgis really soothes your heart.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.