Have you ever seen a spotted garden eel or an orange-barred garden eel in an aquarium poking its head out of the sand?

They look so cute when they peek out from the sand, don't they? These eels are so popular that they've even inspired goods like these cute eel-handle mugs you can buy from grape Shop.

However, the fish that Twitter user Gomafu (@likeawhale3) saw peeking out of the sand was something else entirely...

Reproduced with permission from Gomafu (@likeawhale3)

"Wait, you can stick yourself in the sand too? lol"

Flounders or other wider-girthed fish covering themselves in a layer of sand is one thing, since they lay flat on the seafloor, but this big fella is completely upright! How could such a big fish even end up stuck in the sand like that...

According to Gomafusa, the fish was probably a Goddes razorfish (Iniistius dea). These fish are said to burrow into the sand when they feel threatened or, as simply as a part of their normal routine at night.

Compared to its skinny neighbor, it was so big that Gomafusa could not help but wonder how it could possibly get itself inside the sand like that.

This post got over 45,000 likes and elicited reactions such as, "How did he get in there?"

This happened when Gomafusa visited the Shimoda Aquarium in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. At the aquarium, you can interact with dolphins and swim with them.

But with all the attention the Goddes razorfish attracted, they might become even more popular than the dolphins!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.