"Birds of a feather" has quite the literal meaning for Japanese Twitter user @Cream_fuku's beloved java sparrow, Maru-chan. @Cream_fuku recently took to the net to show an adorable part of Maru-chan's daily routine that has many on Twitter absolutely smitten with the friendly sparrow.

It appears that when Maru-chan is let out of her cage, she takes an excited flight around the house. However, everyday she makes sure to stop by a group of friends to socialize.

Source: @Cream_fuku出典:出典名

@Cream_fuku has a set of java sparrow toys set up in the house, arranged sitting in a circle. Maru-chan seems like slipping in between a gap in the circle and conducting an adorable birdy board meeting with her java sparrow toys!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.