Whilst the west focuses on starting the new year with a lovers kiss, in Japan the celebrations put an emphasis on spending time with family. For those of us with dogs, that means sharing that special moment with our fur babies too – and what better way is there to get them excited about 2022 than with their very own Osechi-ryōri set.

A traditional part of the Japanese new year, Osechi-ryōri is a selection of dishes all put together in an elaborately decorated stacked bento box. Each dish holds a special meaning and is selected carefully to bring in luck to the consumer in the new year. For an in depth introduction to Osechi-ryōri and the meaning of each dish check out this article we wrote previously.

Produced by With Pet Family Co. – the company that operates the pet friendly yakiniku restaurants ‘Ushisuke’ in Yokohama and Tokyo – this dog-friendly Osechi-ryōri set has everything a dog needs and wants.

Roast beef, sweet potatoes and datemaki-style fish cake can be found inside the container resembling a traditional Osechi-ryōri bento box. A lot of thought and research has gone into the choices of ingredients, with consideration and priority given to maintaining dog immunity and improving health. An additional positive of the set, is that the partitions between each dish slow down speedy eaters and prevent overeating.

Ushisuke’s Wanchan Osechi 2022 bento box is available to pick up from the following stores until the 12th of December 2021:
– Wami Yakiniku Ushisuke Head Store
– Meat Vegetable Ushisuke Daiba Store
– Meat Vegetable Ushisuke Rose Garden Tama Store
– BISTRO Ushisuke Odaiba Store
– GRILL&BAR Ushisuke VenusFort, Odaiba
– Ushitan Ushisuke Mosaic Mall Kohoku Yokohama Store
– Ushitan Ushisuke Kichijoji Store

Alternatively, the set will be available to purchase from Ushisuke’s online store from the 18th to the 27th of December 2021.

Ushisuke Wanchan Osechi 2022
Price: 1628 yen
Contents: roast beef tongue, fish rolled omelet, soba jelly, oimo mashed sweet potato
Ingredients: beef, sweet potato, small beans, chicken eggs, buckwheat, gelatin, gold leaf, hampen (fish meat, egg white, yam, etc.) (including some wheat and dairy products)
Nutrition Value: 70kcal, Protein 4.0g

By - grape Japan editorial staff.