Haagen-Dazs Japan have experimented with various flavours and ingredients for their ice cream creations, and this includes some distinctly Japanese tastes. Their previous limited-time-only releases have included zunda, purple sweet potato, and all kinds of green tea.

In particular, Haagen-Dazs Japan’s ‘Japonais’ series takes these flavours to another level. This collection was created in association with 7-Eleven and gives classic desserts a Japanese twist.

The latest offering was released this month, just in time for the holiday season, and it’s an icy take on a dessert which is especially popular in Japan. The ‘Japonais Mont Blanc’ takes inspiration from the mont blanc dessert which consists of sweetened chestnut puree in a swirly mountain. Japanese chestnuts have been used to create the recognisable mont blanc taste and look, with a layer of milk ice cream and custard ice cream laced with cookie pieces on the bottom.

The packaging also looks suitable for the season with a bright red design reminiscent of New Year celebrations, and various Japanese motifs perfect for the Japonais range.

Cups of this chestnut creation can be found in branches of 7-Eleven across Japan, costing 381 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.