Impressive Japanese clay model maker Nendoyorishin (Twitter, YouTube) doesn't just make amazing lifelike recreations of Pokémon as figures, but actually repurposes some into appliances that give him a functioning Pokémon buddy in the real world.

Two of Nendoyorishin's standout recent creations have been these gorgeous Pokémon model appliances: a Pichu that actually charges your phone with his electric shock and a Shellder that can act as a party light or humidifier!

Thea artist's latest Pokémon creation is one for the great outdoors. Using clay and a batch of carefully cut leaves, Nendoyorishin crafted a spot-on model of Grass-type Pokémon starter Turtwig that looks like it jumped right out of the games!




The details on the sculpture are accurate right down to the very last detail, and the head could even technically serve as a planter or flower vase.

On Nendoyorishin's YouTube channel, the artist gives a detailed and fun breakdown of how he made the Turtwig, as well as sets it out in the real world to live as a Pokémon:

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By - Big Neko.