Typically when eating oysters, the only surprise is how you might end up feeling depending on what kind of batch you get. Japanese Twitter user RichardSoviet (@RichardSoviet) recently showed there's another way you can get surprised that involves getting beaten to the punch.

RichardSoviet shared a photo of an oyster they had been grilling with the caption "I was grilling oysters and preceding customer was already there." A look at the picture will show that's just the case!

Source: @RichardSoviet

As you can see, RichardSoviet got a double dose of seafood on his order because as he opened the oyster, he found a crab inside. Perhaps the crab itself was feeling in the mood for oysters before being caught along with it, but the chance encounter received a lot of interest on Twitter, with comments like "I wonder if they were in a symbiotic relationship" and "Please bear with the crab."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.