While nothing is ever perfect, workers in Japan's service industry are often praised for going the extra mile to make the lives of customers easy.

Whether it be Nintendo's famed "Godly Customer service", airport runway staff bowing to departing planes, or daily convenient encounters many take for granted, service in the country often covers even the little things.

Twitter user Sakura Kida (@akane0906_0306) was reminded about that customer service with an exemplary and adorable flight home from Hokkaido, Japan's northern-most island.

Hokkaido is home to the long-tailed tit, a distinctly round and white bird that is often called a "winter fairy" or even "the cutest bird in the world" in Japan. The cute and fluffy bird is so popular it's been turned into adorable rice balls and tea bags.

Just one look should tell you why!

Kida became smitten with the long-tailed tit during her trip to Hokkaido, and thus boarded the plane with a large and round plushie of the snow loving bird. She had kept it cradled in her arms, but midflight a flight attendant proposed an idea to make the flight safer for the both of them!

Source: @akane0906_0306

Source: @akane0906_0306

The flight attendant noted that during times of turbulence, Kida might become uncomfortable or unsafe while holding the large plushie or drop it, so they arranged for it to be secured at its own private seat!

Many on Twitter were touched by the flight attendant's thoughtfulness. Not only did they prioritize making both the customer and plushie safe and sound during the flight, they also provided them with some adorable memories and photos of their trip. Kida said she'd definitely love to fly again with the airline thanks to their hospitality.

By - Big Neko.