Japanese vending machines are famous not only for being plentiful but also for selling an astonishing variety of drinks, both hot and cold. When it comes to hot drinks, hot coffee, hot milk tea and hot cocoa and probably the most popular.

Twitter user Enjinia no Neko エンジニアの猫 (@neco_engineer) stopped in front of a vending machine on a recent cold December day, accompanied by his two young daughters.

His younger daughter put money in the slot and pressed the button for hot cocoa. She excitedly opened the panel at the bottom to retrieve her drink but was surprised when she realized it was CORN SOUP!

Reproduced with permission from Enjinia no Neko エンジニアの猫 (@neco_engineer)

"Maybe you pressed the wrong button?" said his eldest daughter to her sister who stood there befuddled by the unexpected sight of chunky corn soup when she was in the mood for sweet and soothing hot cocoa...

His eldest daughter laughed and pressed the button to buy another can of hot cocoa... and out came corn soup again.

Reproduced with permission from Enjinia no Neko エンジニアの猫 (@neco_engineer)

"I get it! The two must have been switched!" said their father. An engineer by profession, he understood everything from the sequence of events.

"If I press the 'Cocoa' button and corn soup comes out... then I should simply press the 'corn soup' button," he noted, flashing a confident smile to his two daughters.

Reproduced with permission from Enjinia no Neko エンジニアの猫 (@neco_engineer)

They were planning on drinking hot cocoa, but they ended up with was three cans of corn soup.

How frustrating!

The laughable sequence of events was shared more than 56,000 times and has over 232,000 likes at the time of writing.

Some of the comments the post elicited were:

  • "It wasn't corn soup, but I had a similar mishap so I found this funny!"
  • "I can definitely feel a strong will at work here. Drink corn soup or else!"
  • "I spit out my drink. I'm going to get some corn soup now lol"

Some people said, "If it's a rule that two drinks were shifted, why don't you just press the 'Coffee with Milk' button?" However, according to the contributor, pressing that button just produced a can of "Coffee with milk."

There were also many who said that the "curry" drink sandwiched in between them looked suspicious. This makes you more and more curious about the whereabouts of the hot cocoa.

It's possible that even if he had pressed all the buttons, no hot cocoa would have come out...

Maybe the lesson to learn here is: When life serves you corn soup, just drink it.

By - Ben K.