It seems that every inch of the human imagination will one day be covered by capsule toys (gacha) in Japan. There seems to be one for just about everything you can think of (including luxury hotel stays and dinners at crazy discounts), but maker Kitan Club seems to be an expert when it comes to creative cat capsule toys.

Some of their more interesting feline releases feature giant cats sitting like humans, cats on swing-sets, and kitties crawling out of retro matchboxes!

Their latest release continues to add a new category to kitty capsule toys, with a series of figures that fuses cats and spiders into surprisingly adorable creatures!

The new figures are actually based off a hit illustration by Hatsunoni (@82_rephap), a popular illustrator of beasts as well as creatures of Japanese folklore.

The series features six cat and spider hybrids in a number of poses, and are meant to attach to the rim of your glass as a furry little drinking buddy.

Calico Cat

White Cat

Reddish Tabby Cat

Brown Tabby Cat

Cat with "socks"

Siamese Cat

The Kumoneko (Spider Cats) are currently available at capsule toy machines throughout Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.