While many of us are in the throes of winter, we may have a favourite spot at home where we can warm up and get cosy. But what would you do if your favourite spot just happened to be one of your fellow resident’s favourite spot as well?

While this might cause a verbal argument in the human world, in the dog world it seems to be a case of physically jostling for the warmest spot. Well it seems that way in this video uploaded to Twitter by a Japanese dog owner, anyway.

This owner (@chachamaru0803) is lucky enough to live with five Shiba inu, and they record their daily life with these puppers by uploading photos and videos to their Twitter page. Their dogs are all related to each other as they include two parent dogs and their three kids.

The two seen in this super cute video are twin sisters, called Anzu and Karin. It shows them jostling, tussling, and sitting on each other in order to nab the toastiest seat in the house.

During these colder months, anyone can relate to the need to warm up as fast as possible, even if it means kicking your sister out of her spot! If you want to see more updates from this adorable family of shibes, check out the owner’s Twitter which is packed with photos and videos to enjoy.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.