Japanese illustrator Suzu Minatoya (@siratamairipafe) has gained quite a following for her adorable artwork and short online manga strips that feature adorable animals and fruit.

One animal she seems to enjoy featuring is the kiwi bird, so it's no surprise that when she shared what ended up being her most popular work of the year recently, it was of two-panel comic strip of her adorable kiwi character.

Here's a look (and translation) of the short but sweet cute kiwi manga that delighted Twitter:

"My butt's been cut off."

(Sitting down sound effect) "But maybe I can actually sit down now."

The butt of the joke (no pun intended) in many of her short kiwi comic strips is that the kiwi is actually revealed to be a hybrid of the kiwi bird and the kiwi fruit. In this case the pay off is that having its butt sliced off isn't as dire a situation as it may initially seem, as having a smoothed out surface to sit on is a lot easier than the usual kiwi bird butt!

For more cute illustrations, be sure to follow Suzu Minatoya on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.