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Japanese artist adapts Elizabethan Collar for Cats

No matter where you live in the world, if your pet is healing from an injury, you’ll likely use an Elizabethan collar (E collar for short) to keep your cat or dog from licking or scratching its wound.

But one Japanese designer and photographer has taken Elizabethan collars back to their roots.

Akiko Kino (@a_kinokino) has published several volumes titled Black Cat Collars Book.

One of Ms. Kino’s latest photographs has been featured on Yahoo News Japan and is piling up Likes on Twitter.

Reproduced with permission from 木野明子 (@a_kinokino)

The black cat featured in all her photo collections is wearing an Elizabethan collar of the likes you’d see nobles wearing during the time of, well, Queen Elizabeth.

Ms. Kino didn’t want anyone to misunderstand the image and clarified that the collar was not being worn "post-operation."

Somehow, this black cat wearing an Elizabethan collar isn’t out of place at all. On the contrary, it emphasizes the sort of royal and vain air that cats often have about them.

The image has been a big hit and some clever users replied with their own updated images.

It seems like these users understood what Ms. Kino was going for!

The artist’s image is just one of many. She has created all sorts of collars for her black cat. If you’re interested in her work then you should definitely check out her Twitter or other sites where she has a variety of products for sale!

By - Mujo.