When you live with pets, you realize that animals, just like people, have a variety of expressions.

Japanese Twitter user (@manpuku_totti) is a proud dog owner and posts about their daily life together.

The owner, who often enjoys gourmet food, also posts the pre-first-bite scene on Twitter.

However, it’s Totti’s reaction rather than the pictures of food that’s got everyone’s attention.

Reproduced with permission from まんぷくトッティ (@manpuku_totti)

"Wow! It looks so good!!"

Reproduced with permission from まんぷくトッティ (@manpuku_totti)

"You’re gonna give me some too…"

Reproduced with permission from まんぷくトッティ (@manpuku_totti)


Totti is probably a perfect representation of the saying, "your eyes are bigger than your stomache."

Totti begging for food is a common theme running through his owner’s posts.

His facial expressions are easy to understand and those big, round eyes look just like a cartoon character.

Almost makes you wonder if there’s not a human behind those eyes…

User Reactions

Many people have commented on the images of Totti begging his owner for food.

  • His expressions are as easy to understand as a manga character!
  • I thought he’s a Disney character!
  • I laughed so hard at the first picture. He’s too cute.

If I was Totti’s owner, I definitely couldn’t resist giving him some of my food.

Better to stick to dog treats though instead of all those people sweets!

Thanks to Totti and his owner (@manpuku_totti) for the laughs!

By - Mujo.