Nissin has certainly shown off some creative ideas for their popular instant noodle products in the past, but they've mostly been centered around their flagship Cup Noodle series. As the company's top seller, Nissin has really gone deep in the lab to whip up some interesting ideas like Cup Noodle soda, bath salts, and even an Ultima Weapon from Final Fantasy giant noodle fork.

Their U.F.O. Yakisoba shouldn't be forgotten, however. Nissin's saucy fried noodles get their name from a Japanese abbreviation (Umaku = tasty, Futoku = thick, and Okiku = big), and the packaging is designed to look like a flying saucer (which fits since it was recently approved as certified space food).

Recently, Nissin took to Twitter to unveil an artistic and creative design for U.F.O. Yakisoba, that turns the simple act of discarding hot water from the finished cooking process into a moving work of art!

The standard lid of the U.F.O. Yakisoba is replaced with the famous painting The Milkmaid by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. Replacing the milk, of course, is the hot water used in cooking the noodles pouring from the drainer, which makes cooking up a batch of yakisoba a rather fun and artistic experience!

Many on Twitter were charmed for the idea, and while Nissin doesn't actually sell the The Milkmaid package as a product currently, they said that if the Tweet and positive reaction to it spread on social media, they will consider releasing it as a commercial product--allowing you to become your very own The Yakisobamaid.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.