Kyoto is one of the top travel destinations for both visitors from abroad and residents of Japan. Home to a number of breathtaking scenic spots, temples, and shrines, Kyoto is often celebrated as center where many rich aspects of traditional Japanese culture can be observed and appreciated.

A trip to Kyoto usually involves a lot of walking, however. Whether you're exploring the gorgeous bamboo grove of Arashiyama or travelling through the many torii gates of Fushimi Inari shrine, those who take in the wonders of Kyoto are usually prepared for a bit of trek.

Even the most hardened hikers might be a bit intimidated by a photo Japanese photographer Mari (@mariii_a73), however!

Many are in awe at the sense of scale and giving a hard "nope!" just by looking at it:

Source: @mariii_a73

The photo shows the long climb of the imposing staircase at the Tomb of Emperor Meiji at Momoyama Hill in Kyoto City. While the stairs themselves are known to be a tall order, seeing a person mid-ascent on their own and Mari's talented photography really give a sense of perspective as to how long the climb really is!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.