When taking pictures in Tokyo, here’s why to try Asakusa’s famed gate and temple for the best angles and colors to tell your story of the city.

Jason Halayko, for JAPAN Forward

Wandering with your camera in Japan never gets old. If you have read any of my articles on JAPAN Forward, you would know there are many places I enjoy visiting time and time again, and the Asakusa area is definitely one of them.

Known for its retro-Tokyo style, the area is still home to many traditional craft shops and food vendors that could keep you busy ー and full ー for the better part of a day. And if you are a little more adventurous, and higher skilled in Japanese, there are also many opportunities to see Rakugo (落語), a traditional form of Japanese storytelling and comedy.

For me, as I am primarily there to enjoy photography ー and some of the local foods as well. The area of Asakusa I enjoy the most begins at Kaminarimon (雷門), making my way down through the shopping stalls, and ending up at Senso-ji (浅草寺).

If you leave Asakusa Station via exit 1 you will pop up onto the street about one block away from Kaminarimon. I think it is really the best entrance spot for anyone visiting Asakusa, and especially Senso-ji.

Kaminarimon. Photo by Jayson Halayko | © JAPAN Forward

Grand Entrance Kaminarimon

Having been first erected in 941, and rebuilt several times over the years, the gate is a symbol of the Asakusa area. Anytime you visit the gate there will be many tourists, both Japanese and international, outside taking selfies and family photos. This makes it a pretty busy place to get clean photos of the gate, but if you get there early, or visit on a weekday, you should be able to snap something without too many people in the way. Just remember: when shooting in popular tourist areas, patience is key.


Senso-ji. Photo by Jayson Halayko | © JAPAN Forward


By - grape Japan editorial staff.