Fans of the Kirby series in Japan are particularly lucky, because they can enjoy their favourite characters in food form at the official Kirby cafes located in Tokyo and Hakata.

Not only that, but the cafes cycle through some awesome seasonal menus throughout the year, bringing fans cherry blossom treats in spring, and winter-inspired dishes for the holidays. For the coming New Year, the theme is ‘Sweet New Year’, and the menu update will include a special dessert to celebrate.

The idea behind it is to transform some popular standard menu items into mini-dessert versions.

The ‘Waddle Dee Afternoon Nap Omelette Rice’ is known for its cute, fluffy egg duvet which covers up a snug, sleepy Waddle Dee. The ‘Sweet New Year’ version for 2022, sees it turn into a pancake small enough to fit on a 10cm souvenir plate.

For this iteration, Waddle Dee is made from pancake, and the duvet is mango whip with caramel and chocolate sauce.

The diner will also get their own souvenir plate to take home as a memento from the Kirby Cafe.

The mini pancakes cost 2178 yen and can be ordered at the Tokyo Kirby Cafe and the Hakata Kirby Cafe from 1st January 2022. Check out the website to see the full menu or to book a table.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.