When I first headed to Lake Nojiri back during the summer, I had heard plenty of good things about LAMP – a cozy little escape tucked away on the north western edge of the lake, equipped with a sauna and a food menu made for melting the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, time wasn’t on our side during our visit, but the queue of eager guests winding from the doorway down to our campsite was enough to ensure our expected return for 2022.
With my curiosity piqued, once I was home I sat down and dove into researching the notable venue, and to my surprise I found that the LAMP business had grown so popular that it has spread over to both Oita and Nagasaki Prefectures, with plans to extend further across Japan in the future.

Below I leave you with a brief introduction to each guesthouse, a little insight into the areas they are based in and how you can find your next big adventure with a base at one of the LAMP guesthouses.
Tap on the name of each base for a deeper overview and booking information.

Following the concept of “brightening up life”, LAMP aims to enrich the lives of everyone (this goal extends to the staff and people involved in the business from the occupational side) through the development of businesses such as hotels, food and drink, outdoor activities, sauna management and more. The hope is that these ventures will provide a satisfying experience for all, and will help spread the “light of fun, friendship and good times” across the world.

LAMP Lake Nojiri – Nagano Prefecture

As one of the first venues situated on the road that loops around Lake Nojiri it’s hard to pass by and miss Nagano’s LAMP. The guesthouse first opened up back in 2014, after staff renovated the accommodation facilities of a former outdoor school.
With the waters of Lake Nojiri lapping at it’s doorfront, and a number of mountains reaching 2000 meters in height located nearby, there's always plenty to do at LAMP Lake Nojiri.

After spending a couple of hours kayaking on the lake or exploring the trails of the nearby mountains, guests and visitors can fill up with a hearty meal at the onsite restaurant, and relax at the Finnish Sauna which was proudly made by the dedicated staff of LAMP Lake Nojiri.

Future plans for LAMP Lake Nojiri include the addition of a new wood-burning stove-type sauna as well as a trailer house sauna-accommodation building designed so that guests can enjoy the outdoor sauna experience even more. Eventually, LAMP Lake Nojiri hopes to sell sauna trailers and mobile homes in an attempt to inspire individuals to pursue a more adventurous life.

Recreation and Facilities at LAMP Lake Nojiri

– Inn
– Restaurant
– Sauna
– Kayaking
– SUP (stand up paddleboarding)
– Wild Vegetable foraging
– Edible Mushroom Foraging
– Yoga
– Snowshoeing
– Cross-country Skiing

LAMP Bungo Ohno – Oita Prefecture

Nestled in rich nature at the foot of Mount Sobo (mentionable name on Japan’s list of top 100 Famous Mountains), LAMP Bungo Ohno acts as a fantastic base for mountain hikers and river trekkers exploring the area. The facilities make their home in a renovated elementary school that closed more than 50 years ago – leaving guests feeling like they’ve been transported back in time.
On the grounds, the venue features the REBUILD SAUNA which was put together using locally sourced scrap wood.

The guesthouse’s location deep in the mountains of Oita can give off the impression of extreme seclusion, but rest assured there’s still plenty to do, such as river trekking, waterfall observation and mountain climbing.

Recreation and Facilities at LAMP Bungo Ohno

– Inn
– Campsite
– Restaurant
– Sauna
– River Trekking
– Hiking

LAMP Iki Island – Nagasaki Prefecture

Positioned on Nagasaki’s secluded Iki-no-shima island, LAMP Iki Island is a secret getaway almost completely concealed from the hustle and bustle of mainland Japan. The guesthouse itself takes the form of a renovated traditional 3-story wooden inn which was originally built in the early 1900s.

The island boasts a rich history, as evidenced by it’s mention in the ancient Japanese text Kojiki. Home to more than 100 shrines, including the supposed shrine which (according to some historians) gave rise to Shintoism – Tsukiyomi Shrine – Iki-no-shima is known as one of Japan’s leading power spots.
Reachable via a one hour high-speed boat ride from Hakata Bay, visitors can enjoy a range of island activities such as fishing, swimming and cycling.
From the island, visitors can further test their inner explorer by accessing the uninhabited island of Tatsuno, which has beaches featured on Japan’s list of top 100 Best Beaches for Swimming.

Just like the other LAMP bases, LAMP Iki Island will be adding a sauna to it’s premises, which is scheduled to open up in February of 2022.

Recreation and Facilities at LAMP Lake Iki Island

– Inn
– Restaurant
– Fishing
– Swimming
– Cycling
– Sauna – coming soon!

By - Connie Sceaphierde.