With temperatures dropping day by day in Japan, it's only natural for pets to seek the comfort of warmth. Just recently, we introduced a pair of shiba inu twins tussling for the best spot in front of the heater.

But there's another way to stay warm, and that's a hot bath. Aichan is a white shiba inu who just loves to take a bath!

When she finds out that she is going to get a nice hot soak, she wags her tail and shows how happy she is.

Take a look at her priceless expression when she's given the family honor of being the first one in the bathtub for the day!

In Japan, whether it's the family bathtub or a public bath, people normally wash their bodies first then enter the bath. Bathtubs are only for soaking. In families, the bathwater is drawn and usually stays in the tub for the entire evening, with family members taking turns soaking in the bathwater. Traditionally, the first person to enter the bathtub is the head of the family, so it's quite the honor for Ai-chan!

Just look at her blissful expression as she enjoys the hot water of the bath!

It's no wonder the video has over 1.2 million views!

Some of the comments on the video were:

  • "She looks like a gentle polar bear!"
  • "It's so soothing to watch her..."
  • "The video's thumbnail is so good, it drew me in..."

Stay warm, Ai-chan!

You can watch more of Ai-chan at the Shibawanko Seikatsu YouTube Channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.