Some grape Japan readers may recall the amazingly photorealistic work of Haru Otomi 音海はる. We first introduced the then 18-year-old color pencil artist in 2019 because of his cute cats who looked incredibly real, and then again in 2020 when he introduced his impressively detailed drawing of a cheetah.

We checked in with him recently to see his work over the past year and were happily surprised. Not only do his skills seem to be getting even better, showing incredible attention to detail pushing the limits of photorealism, but he has drawn even more adorable cats and even a cute bunny rabbit this past year.

To begin with, this truly impressive profile view of a cat:

Reproduced with permission from 音海はる Haru Otomi (@huwahuwa1_25)

From the color pattern of the fur to the astonishing detail in its hair and whiskers to the reflection in its beautiful green eyes, it's hard to believe it's not a photo!

And look at this adorable grey and white kitten looking up. Don't you want to just reach out and pet it?

Reproduced with permission from 音海はる Haru Otomi (@huwahuwa1_25)

There are many more adorable cats if you look through Otomi's Twitter timeline.

Otomi has a thing for cute pets, which can be seen in this drawing of a rabbit with a beautiful coat of caramel brown fur:

Reproduced with permission from 音海はる Haru Otomi (@huwahuwa1_25)

Finally, since we're about to enter the Year of the Tiger, we thought it would only be appropriate to introduce his tiger drawings too. Unlike the growling cheetah we introduced last year, this tiger has a cute side to it, captured with Otomi's masterful touch in a candid moment licking its chops:

Reproduced with permission from 音海はる Haru Otomi (@huwahuwa1_25)

To see more of Haru Otomi's amazing photorealistic color pencil drawings, follow him on Twitter here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.