Krispy Kreme Japan’s range of treats is the envy of doughnut lovers worldwide. They bring out seasonal collections, cute characters treats, and even experiment with traditional Japanese ingredients and flavours.

These offerings are not only delicious, but they are beautifully presented as well, and this new range for 2022 comes in pretty pastel colours for a bright New Year.

Three new doughnuts are being released for the ‘Color Your Life’ collection. The ‘Green Pistachio’ comes in a light green colour, thanks to the luxurious pistachio cream and chocolate coating. Extra pistachios make for a decorative topping, sprinkled on the swirly cream.

‘Yellow Citrus Rare Cheese’ gets its attractive hue from the cream cheese chocolate coating, and the elegant toppings include white chocolate, orange peel and white chocolate pearl puffs.

For an extra fruity option, the ‘Pink Strawberry Peach’ has strawberry chocolate and nappage containing real strawberry and peach juice, creating a cute pink colour. White chocolate and dried strawberry pieces arranged in a rose shape make for sophisticated toppings.

These doughnuts can be bought individually or as colourful sets of various sizes.

They will go on sale at branches of Krispy Kreme in Japan from 12th January and be bumped from the menu late February 2022.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.